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This is Bart Simpson

He/She (I think it is a rooster) is my current favorite of the 8 new chicks I got to add to my little flock. My chickens are pets, though I do eat their eggs, and so I have studied the personality of each and given them each a name. I have tried to get breeds that have distinctive coloring or looks so I can identify them as long as they are with me.

You can see in this picture how he got his name. Not only is the newly forming crest of this polish chicken so reminiscent of Bart's signature hair, but this chick is fearless and onery.

You can see in the background some of the other chicks - some look like they are sitting in a fluffy petticoat (silkie-cochin mix) and others are more traditional looking.

Bart Simpson is fearless. He is eager to eat from my hand and now will jump out of the crate onto my lap for cuddling. Here you can see him come out of the crate to pick at the bag that has the dried mealworms in it.

I am in love!!

I will share profiles of some of my other chicks in future posts. Next I think will be about Rocky Balboa - my for-sure rooster that bosses everyone around already.

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