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Cynthia Tipton

In my work, I feel drawn to faces.  Ceramic wall sculptures have been my recent focus.  Handbuilding clay is what I love to do.
I also enjoy painting and working with various materials.  Acrylics and pastels are old favorites.  I really enjoy creating with encaustic, as it allows me to use oils, inks and pastels in my pieces.
Recently I have been using my ceramic face sculptures as a base for interesting encaustic surfaces.  

My career was in healthcare, with art as an active hobby all my life.  Weekend art seminars and a couple of semesters at the Cincinnati Art Academy summarize my formal art training.

About the Artist

Artist Statement

The human experience is sometimes difficult to express in works of art.  Our facial expressions communicate our feelings of happiness, anger, shame, disappointment, desire, self-worth and more.  This is what I try to communicate in my face sculptures.

I am drawn to contemporary, mildly abstract art.  This is reflected in all of my work but especially in the ceramic face sculptures I create.

Though I work in many media, ceramics and encaustics are my favorites.  My ceramic face sculptures have been my favorite art expression for the past several years.  In late 2022 I started to use ceramic face sculptures as a base, with encaustic work as the surface.  This greatly opened up color and surface design possibilities.

I also continue to make face sculptures using only fired surface treatments, such as underglaze and glaze.

Art has been a part of my life since I can remember.  After 40 years in the healthcare industry, I was able to retire and make art my full time focus.

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About the Artist

About the Artist

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