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Ceramic Sculptures

About Ceramics

After a weekend seminar on portrait sculpture, I tried my hand at creating a bust of my grandaughter.  It was a success but did not reflect the contemporary and mildly abstract look of my artistic style.  i experimanted and found that these contemporary face sculptures satisfied my artistic vision.  I have made many since that time, with each reflecting a unique personality.

My other ceramic work has been varied.  I created a line of work named, "House of Many Colors".  This work is an effort to reflect how each of our lives, experiences, families and communities are unique.  Each with their strengths and weaknesses - none perfect - yet all beautiful.  These "houses" have a variety of "windows", each with a unique combination of shapes and colors.  The shapes of the houses are also intentionally imperfect, with torn edges, odd angles and some with intentionally rustic background surfaces.

Other works have been inspired by world events - the emotions of war or the cultural changes that lead to dramatic change.