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About Pottery

About Pottery

Pottery is as ancient as the earliest civilizations.  Vessles and decorative objects, whether refined or rustic, are treasures and often considered art.  functional pottery is made to be used to hold or carry water, foods, flowers, fruit or other items.  Decorative pottery is made as an object of art.

Pottery can be formed on a wheel or through handbuilding techniques. My pottery is made by handbuilding with slabs and coils, often with a neck or spout that is formed on the pottery wheel.

Pottery, like sculpture, can be made to reflect an idea, mood or event.  Some pottery is made to be decorative and functional, like the baskets I weave with stoneware clay.  They are beautiful and can be used to hold foods, such as fruit, as well as to display flowers or the ceramic gords I have created.

The vases I create are decorative only, with the exception of some flower vases.

Handbuilt pottery also includes leaves, made to look as natural as possible, for holding candles, business cards or as spoon rests on the stove.

Pottery, like other ceramic pieces, can be a treasure handed down between generations.

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