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About Encaustic

About Encaustic

Encaustic art medium is a combination of beeswax and damar resin.  Encaustic surfaces have been used for art dating back to ancient times.  The religious paintings of the first century are still beautiful after thousands of years.

The encaustic medium is enhanced with a variety of colors through additions of oil, watercolor, alcohol inks, colored pigments and sometimes inclusions.

Care of encaustic art pieces is simple: they cannot be exposed to extreem tempertaures and they need to be dusted or lightly buffed periodically to show their purest beauty.

encaustic surfaces on ceramics is a relatively unique practice.  The waxes and their molten flow must be carefully managed to reflect the artist's intent.

My encaustic surfaces are created to enhance and reflect the personality of the piece I am creating. shadowing and enhancing textures create the drama I intend.  Color... well, color is just beautiful.