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Kaine is a ceramic face sculpture that is unique in it's shape, features and finish (color or glaze).  Kaine has a dark red base glaze with darker areas of shadow andmystery due to oxide washes.  The featureson this contemporary art piece, especially the eyes, help give the viewer an instinctive opinion of what personality this face reflects.  Kaine has a "scar" on the forehead that adds further mystery to this face.  This is a surface element and not a crack.

These face sculptures are always a conversation piece that will keep viewers looking and guessing who or what this person was. and what their story is.

Face sculptures are made to hang on a wall, tree, porch, fence or anywhere that will be seen and get people guessing.  They are perfect for narrow wall spaces or larger spaces in groups of 3.  Surrounded by an empty frame, these wall sculptures attract even more attention.

Dimensions are:   L 15.5"  W 5.25"  H 2"   Weight  2.5 pounds.


    Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight and location of the reciever.

    Typical US domestic shipping fees for a single item are between $35 and $50.

    Ceramic items are packed and insured for damage or loss.  Should a piece arrive damaged, take photographs of the piece, as well as all of the packing material.  A refund will be issued upon return of the item.

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