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Eating a Pheasant Back!!

April is mushroom season and I have been looking for morel mushrooms in the woods. The weather has been so dry, and I think it is still too early to find them. We had rain a few days ago so I decided to go looking again.

I found this beautiful mushroom and looked it up on google. I turns out that is it edible, so I was very excited to cook and eat it.

It is called Dryad's Saddle or Pheasant Back - I am sure because the surface looks exactly like pheasant feathers, making it easy to identify. One of the characteristics of this mushroom ( besides looking like pheasant feathers) is the cucumber smell before it is cooked. So fun!

I cut it up and sauted it in butter with some thinly sliced onions. It was very exciting to cook a wild edible plant that I had foraged on my own little farm.

The volume really cooked down as the moisture was released and burned off. It was delicious.

If I would change anything ... I would cut the mushroom strips a little thinner. It was not tough, but I think thinner would cook faster. Just love it!

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