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This is Marilyn (Monroe)

All of my new little chicks are beautiful but the two Silkie/Cochin mix birds are stunning. This is one that is just slightly different than her sister. She does not have the few black feathers lacing through that the other one has.

You can see a little of the black feathers in this picture. they have 5 toes (aparantly a cochin feature) and they have feathers all the way down to and including their toes. When they lay down, they look like a pretty little face in a pile of fluffy lacey petticoats.

You can see the feathered feet here. They are pretty shy and I have not really been able to gently catch and cuddle them. They are not afraid of my hand when I am feeding them worms, but they run when I try to catch them. I will have patience and know I will get there.

I am still trying to find the right name for her twin sister. Suggestions welcome!

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