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Encaustic Ventilation Set-up

Working with encaustic waxes and pigments during the winter makes good ventilation a must. I finally got a portable shop ventilator that will allow for the fumes to be captured near my hotplate and exhausted to outside. It will also help when I am working in the studio while the kiln is firing and creating fumes.

The studio is in a large garage and spacious but in the winter, I am only able to work in the small room to the side. I put a woodstove in that section to keep it warm in the cold months. I love the gentle smell of a stove fire as well as the rustic look of the old stove. Listening to the radio and making art while I am warm with my dog sleeping on the floor is my dream. (In the winter anyway).

My next step is to get my tools and supplies better organized.... at least for a day or two!

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