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Playing with Encaustics

It is so much fun to play with the encaustic media.... because almost every type of art material can be used! The R&F oil sticks, color blocks and oil paints are fabulous but the most fun is with other materials.

It is a blast to use alcohol inks on my pieces. The colors are so vibrant and they spread and blend beautifully. India inks are also fun. They can make beautiful line designs but take care with too much heat (they will crack and move). The unpredictable movement of the india ink creates random patterns that I just love.

Another discovery that I am having fun with is using soft pastels. Great American Art Works pastels are so soft and luscious! They can be applied with the pastel stick directly on the surface or smudged for an interesting color effect. I have not tried adding collage elements to my faces, but that is something I am looking forward to.

One last thing that I am loving .... pinholes! Typically pinholes are a problem that needs to be smoothed, shaved and removed. On my face sculptures some of the pinholes are left in place to capture color and add variety to the surface.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am playing with the possibilities of encaustic on ceramic surfaces. Keep creating!

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