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Ready for 23!

Activity in my studio on the farm was somewhat hampered by sub-zero weather this past week. Otherwise, I love working in the studio with a fire in the woodstove and spanish language tapes playing in the background. My dogs love it too, making sure to lay exactly in my path. It would not be nearly as fun without them.

I have been working on new face sculptures in a new variety of clay bodies. I have made a few with a very dark brown clay and have made several in porcelain. They are ready for bisque firing and decisions on the final finish.

I am experiementing with encaustic painting, including surfaces on the face sculptures. I have learned that applying the wax medium to the bisque fired surface will work due to the porosity of the clay. I have begun experimenting with smaller test pieces and am learning how to conquer the deep texture of the features (especially the eyes) with wax that wants to solidify almost immediately. I am sure I can find the solution and am having fun trying.

I plan to continue being a vendor at art festivals and fairs in the coming year, and hope to get pieces in galleries.

Additionally, I plan to have more of an internet presence and to utilize social media more than in the past.

So... Keep an eye out for more from TiptonArt.

Happy New Year to you all!

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